ᕕ( ᐛ)ᕗ~♪ Knight of spring, Voidwitch, Spudmaster 3000, self proclaimed master of being constantly confused, mainly self-taught artist.

This is my personal website where I post all kinds of brainrot things that interest me! Right now there isn't much but I am slowly coding more and more, adding that what I want on here over time.

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warning! This page might contain what some view as sensitive content(NSFW, dark humor etc.) lurking somewhere as I will share my world building and personal interests on here.


27.03.22 Added a 'Favorites' section, worked on 'About me' more.

26.03.22 More work on the 'About me' section, added a 'Commission' section. Created a simple landing page!

24.03.22 Added an 'About me' section. Playing around with a slightly different layout for that page to have more room.

16.03.22 Site creation. General start on designing the site layout the next couple of days!


  • Making the sidebar banners seamless ✔️
  • Making this part prettier ✔️
  • What to put in navbar as links ✔️
  • What to put in the banners
  • Proper sidebar header
  • Try out more backgrounds? ✔️
  • Maybe add another content box or w/e on the right?
  • Back to Top button ✔️
  • Gallery
  • About page ✔️
  • Make a little banner for others to link back to my page ✔️
  • Something something world building?
  • Add a footer or something, I guess
  • Create collection page
  • finish comission page
  • Make the site mobile responsive or something
  • ...
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