Nice try but I am a nobody so no one really asks me any questions repeatingly. I don't even know what kinda questions I could answer here. There's some things I can answer, even if only a few asked me but oh well. This page is more thought of as a way to help out anyway, not to scale my popularity or something.


How can I make a account?

You need a code to register on the site which can be generated by premium users(and it used to be provided to normal users as well). I still have a bunch of codes left from the days I had premium there so you can try your luck here!

What program are you using for your digital drawings?

I am an avid user of Clip Studio Paint! I've been using it for a few years already and am really happy with it. Before that I've been using the first version of Paint Tool Sai, which I am also a fan of, but at the end of the day I prefer CSP by a lot. You can freely test it and they often have a sale going where you can get it for pretty cheap.

This would be a question?

This would be an answer!

This would be a question?

This would be an answer!

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