Other cool people

Here I link sites that I think that are neat! I tend to not really notify people that I put them here, but if you happen to find yourself in this little sea of buttons then hey, I think you're really cool! Over time this might become a bigger wall of buttons but for now it is small and ever growing, haha!

Keysclubhouse Uranohead Uranohead Grossgirl94 Atomicgothic Kriemhilds Seraphsanctum y2k Mystsaphyr Taxi Corium Ophanimkei Shrine of Dolls Antikris appledust Bloodcoveredwebcam Rexalted Dreamy Bungeegum Sakana Omoulo sweetietooths strovi

If you want to link my page as well you are free to do so but it is not a must. I have provided the code for you already here!

Special thanks

Special thanks go out to Harrie, Rytoonist and Isa-love-Anime who helped me out with coding this site when I felt lost and confused!


Most of the pixel art that I use is from King-Lulu-Deer, some others are from Lejla! All other graphics(as in: pixel art and the background of the site itself as well as the images on my "Favorites" page, Stamps, Blinkies, etc.) belong to their repectful owners, not me. As one knows, sometimes things go lost in cyberspace but I always try to give credit, where credit is due. All art on this homepage EXCEPT the background itself is mine unless stated otherwise, all art of the Voidwitch and the character of the Voidwitch itself is mine as well! In general you can see what art is mine by my watermark("VOIDWITCHCULT").