Terra Incognita

  • Genre Modern Fantasy
  • RatingR
  • WarningsViolence
    Sensitive Topics

Main story name: “And on their deathbeds they laid…”

A world with several universes.

The main story is a conundrum of many smaller stories, one of them involving a man named Sondre whose soul was created by the primordial all encompassing void. There is a now scrapped universe where Sondre originally was from whose story name is “What wasn’t meant to be…”.

This story in hindsight is overall kind of like a playground to Alpha(everything that does and does not exist) who is the driving force of many things and their children(who make up the main forces of the universe).

Terra Incognita is overall the biggest Universe of mine and my main interest when it comes to making original content. Some of it deals with rather heavy topics, sometimes mirroring what I myself have actually gone through.

“And on their deathbeds they laid…”

"Sometimes you look into the mirror and just see yourself. Other times you look into the mirror and see a strange abnormal monster that you cannot describe in words. Both times you know it's you."

A story about a young man named Sondre who grew up in an organization whose task it is to elevate mankind onto it's next level while eradicating everything that is not human. Soon enough it becomes clear that the people in this organization follow their own selfish goals and delusions, having lost the original goal.

It is a story about cruelty, abuse and other heavy topics.

...and more.