ᕕ( ᐛ)ᕗ~♪ Knight of spring, Voidwitch, Spudmaster 3000, self proclaimed master of being constantly confused, mainly self-taught artist.

This is my personal website where I post all kinds of brainrot things that interest me! Right now there isn't much but I am slowly coding more and more, adding that what I want on here over time.

  • Toyhou.se
    • Finish editing profiles!! 28/49
    • Upload missing characters
    • Redesign some characters
  • Add more art to the Gallery
  • Update broken pieces of the website

This page might contain what some view as sensitive content(NSFW, dark humor etc.) lurking somewhere as I will share my world building and personal interests on here.

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09.08.22 Gallery overhault(still need to add 2022 art) and new design for the about page!

12.06.22 Changed the borders of the containers a bit, added more art to the Gallery.

26.05.22 Added some different backgrounds to the pages, fixed some spelling errors, etc.

01.05.22 Added a slightly different Monotype font overall and a different one in 'Ramblings'. Working on some misc. other pages on here with no particular goal, just trying things out.

14.04.22 Updated "About" a little bit, added some info on what I am currently reading, watching and playing.

11.04.22 Started to work on my world building page. Converted to Font Awesome v6!

10.04.22 Finally started a gallery! There's 12 pictures to look at for now, I might add more but I haven't really drawn anything recently.

07.04.22 Did a couple of fixes and add-ons on several pages. Added a few more websites in the "Links" section.

01.04.22 Finished redoing "Home", the landing page, "Collection", "About" and "Favorites" in bootstrap. They should all be mobile responsive now!

29.03.22 Started to redo this page in bootstrap, planning to redo the others in bootstrap as well!

27.03.22 Added a 'Favorites' section, worked on 'About me' more.

26.03.22 More work on the 'About me' section, added a 'Commission' section. Created a simple landing page!

24.03.22 Added an 'About me' section. Playing around with a slightly different layout for that page to have more room.

16.03.22 Site creation. General start on designing the site layout the next couple of days!

Welcome to my website!


Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you have a pleasant stay. I started this website when I kept getting disappointed in new promising (art) sites soon after joining closing down again for different reasons. I was never really a social media person and trying to please the algorythm on every site was a bother and next to impossible anyway. So I decided to just throw this place together, slowly adding things here and there over time as I try to make up my mind on what to actually use it for.

Last time I really coded anything before this was in ye olde Blogspot days though it was just the looks of it, there was still a whole interface by blogspot to make your blogposts with. After that all I really did was a little bit of playing around with bootstrap on Toyhou.se and a chunk of Tailwind tho for some reason that always felt kind of alien to me. This site, too, was coded with bootstrap! For someone who never professionally learned how to code nor really took a deepdive into it it's such a nice way of getting things how you want to. I know that a lot celebrate the older times of the web, not really caring for mobile responsiveness but I do. I don't really care if it's a thing from the new times or whatever, I just want to make this site aesthetically pleasing for myself and that's a part of it.

If you're interested in random blog-like posts then just go to Ramblings for some screaming into the void by me.